Monday, February 20, 2017

Wow a New Blog!

                         Where do I begin??
I haven't blogged in so very long, well except my blog that I sell my fun little prim creations on but nothing in a long time and so I am starting out new and recreating a new space for myself! I hope I can keep up with this new venture and share my work and bits of life here on our little couple of acres of the world! Our year started out on a very sad note for hubby and I in losing our precious little sweet dog of 18 years old. It has been a really tough time for us but we are trying to move on and remember her when she was young and full of life and spunk! She was the best little dog ever! I know she is over the Rainbow Bridge and playing with her sweet buddy's that went before her and she is no longer in pain and having fun with them again!

so on that note......... I will be back to create more posts and share pics with you! For now this is a start!! I promise there is more to come!

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