Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Happy Summer Solstice!!

Wow look at me 2 posts in one month!! Can't believe we are nearly at the end of June! yikes and here I thought once I retired I would have all this time on my hands to create and garden and such!! But yet it seems as though there is never enough time at all!!! I have been trying to stay busy though! We had a slight heatwave for nearly 10 days here (we actually set a record!!) from about the 9th till just this past weekend! Plus we have had no rain by us for nearly 3 weeks and now we only got 1/2" this past weekend so watering my poor flower pots several times a day and the garden as well! Happy to say though it all seems to be hanging tough and even the cukes and squash so far are doing well! I have managed to keep the slugs from eating them and have had 2 days where nothing has been dug up and or out of the garden!! Yipeee hurrah!! So I have some more garden pics and my little bunny rug is finished hooking (yes I do still need to bind her too!!) and working on my sheep rug that is also from Maria Barton of Star Rug Company! I also took a fab shading class with dip dyes by Connie Bradley from Wool Yankers (shes on FB!!) and have that in progress as well! Oh my yes that is actually all a #3 cut too!!
So I hope this finds others staying cool in the major heat wave on the west coast!! ....Guess that means we can't really complain about ours as we were only in the 90's!! So now without further ado here are some pics and more again soon! Thanks for stopping!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

How Did it get to be JUNE!! Oh my!

Well not sure if anyone actually reads my little blog but I wanted to share my gardens and some of my rug hooking progress with you all!! I have planted and weeded like a wild woman! I have planted well over 15 pots this year (maybe more!!) and have been battling the naughty little critters both 4 legged and the crawly type too! wow they make some stuff that helps but for the most part I find that I am cussing a lot at the little buggers!! I have now caged all the little peppers and staked tomatoes and put down slug bate everywhere and sprinkled some sort of critter pellets too! so far it was good till this morning not sure yet what dug up a big pile of straw! thankfully no plants were disturbed!! I am now making another new cover for my newest frame I purchased from Searsport Rug Hooking! I simply LOVE it! much bigger surface to hook on and it sits in my lap and sits high so no messing with the frame while I hook! Plus it swivels!! Yippee! I will get a pic of it but can go to their site and see them! I also had a fab Cutter box I had borrowed from my dear friend Connie Bradley of Wool Yankers so that I could have hubby make me one a bit bigger! She sells them in her shop and they are fab but wanted one a bit bigger for my Beeline Cutter and she was kind enough to let my hubby see how hers were made! If you are ever near Wellington,OH come visit her shop during her working hours! can find them on her FB page! so now with all that said and if you are still here  after all that blah blah blah!! Here are all the fun pics!! My gardens, rugs (finished hooking my beehive for Connie need to bind it now!) and my little bunny pattern by Maria Barton from Star Rug Company!! thanks for stopping in!!! till next time stay well and be happy!!

lots of pics of my flower gardens oh and part of my big potting bench hubby made me

veggie garden all raised beds! made by my sweet hubby!