Saturday, April 15, 2017

Wow it's Mid April, Easter and My update for Early Work Mercantile Blog

Well here we are, it's mid April and I'd like to wish you all a Happy Easter and it's looking like spring is really here now! I have gotten some lettuce planted and seeded some kale and dill (again!!) didn't do so well last year so here's hopes it will this year!! I also planted some new flowers and spent numerous hours already weeding!! my least favorite job but has to get done and my one armed hubby did try and helped some so that's a good thing!

I have posted a new dollie and 2 beehive pincushions on my Early Work Mercantile blog Please stop in and have a look!! I'm working on some more little busts that will be angels with some fun wings too but I will post them here and on my Facebook page! So hope you'll stop back to see them! I'll post a few pics here so you can see my Lizzie Lou dollie and my pincushions and a few other pics!

I'm so happy that finally after 3 years my gorgeous yellow magnolia is finally blooming! I was sure after the snow a couple of weeks ago and freezing temps it was a gonner but the buds survived and are opening now and look so pretty!

Well I'll be back soon with more pics and such! Oh and before I forget my sweet hubby is doing much better thankfully and able to walk better and his hand is improving!! I'm so thrilled!! I'll see you soon have a lovely weekend and Happy Easter all!
here's a few pics!
my lovely magnolia and my pincushions and dollie!!

 this is our big ole kitty! she loves to sit on the deck and nap like this!! shes our only one again :((
 Here's my very first completed rug hooking piece!! I did this for my sister it is now sewn into a pillow awaiting a big pillow form I'll be getting this coming week! working on a new one pics soon!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Oh my it's been a crazy month!!

Well to say that this month has been fun is so not the case!! Ok it hasn't been ALL bad but it sure started out with a bang..........or should I say a crash!! On Saturday the 4th my dear hubby decided to go cut some wood out in our woods in the back of our property!! Being a man..... he first off went out on his own alone! Then being his almost norm, he wasn't answering his phone texts or calls! Well now I was making dinner and trying repeatedly to contact him to a point now where I was getting a bit worried and as it was getting darker and colder than it already was, I started to really freak out a tad! Finally finding our neighbors phone number I called him in desperation, knowing he had a 4wheeler, to see if he was home! He was out but called another neighbor who thankfully went out to where our truck was sitting and found my honey sitting on a tree that he had been trapped under as it fell wrong when he tried to cut it and instead came back and landed on him!! I was to say the least so thankful for such fab neighbors and so thankful that hubby was ok!! He is just now able to walk a bit better and the numerous bruises that covered over 2/3 of his body are slowly now disappearing! He suffered a fractured hand and cracked ribs so I'm thankful it wasn't any worse than it surely could have been!! His phone is another story, as it was totally bent in half, hence the fact he never answered any calls or texts!!!
Now I did have one big fun time going to Holly, MI with my dear friend Connie from Wool Yankers and I was able to participate in the Holly Hills Primitives Early Homestead Show!! The show is put on my Dawn Rossell and her hubby!! It was a blast and I'll add a few pics here! Next up will be a fun hook in put on my by dear friend Connie from Wool Yankers!! So now comes the fun time of year of fun hook ins, prim shows and gardening!! Can't wait to get out and play in the dirt! We got a start yesterday getting some of the garden cleaned up of all the leaves and uncovering our lovely bulbs I hope to have bloom soon! So now hoping that April will be a much more fun month ahead and no more letting hubby EVER go cut wood on his own as I or one of our wonderful sons will be there with him! ( or I will just have someone else cut wood for us!!) I was so thankful our youngest son was here to help with just everything from bringing wood in for us and just helping out with dad and even "dad-sitting" while I went to MI that weekend!! My boys are the best!! 
So more creating dolls and stitching and updating my etsy shop coming up soon! Hope you'll stop back and see what's going on and I promise to be back sooner! 

The first 2 pics are our booth! You can see my dolls/bunnies and all the lovely wool and designs my friend Connie brought! The rest are of the show!!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Where did February GO??

My goodness is it already March 1st!! I have now been officially retired 1 1/2 months!! Yikes and its still fun and like being on vacation every day!! Gotta LOVE that!! Right now I'm working on new goodies to share on
They will post on the 14th after 5:30 that nite!! I am also then leaving with my dear friend Connie on Fri the 17th, to do a craft show in Holly, MI on the 18th!! Looking forward to this and will see how that goes! It has been many years since doing my wholesale dollies and all that jazz wayyyyyy back when and I'm loving being able to focus on my prim creations again as well as some of my mixed media art as well!! I hope to see some of my friends at the show and you can look here and at their site for times and more info!!

I have a couple of pics of things I'm working on but not for sale!! I will have more pics of all my bunnies and such in the works for my update on Early Work Mercantile so come back to see those pics soon!! Hoping for the staining and baking to begin later this afternoon after hubby and I return from our shopping trip and Dr appt!! thanks for stopping!!!
A new dollie in progress! she needs bloomers and a few other touches!! She has on a one of a kind vintage baby dress I've had for some time and decided she looked fab in it!! So I can recreate the doll but not the dress!!
 A small strawberry made out of wool and stuffed very tightly with walnut shells
 this is the front of a small journal and the second pic is the back!! Lots and lots of layers!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

New Blog and Fun New Header

Thanks to by dear buddy Sally, I now have a fun looking blog and so I will now start by sharing a few of my pieces I did recently and have a couple still available on my other blog on Early Work Mercantile! The link is on the right side and you can see what others have to offer as well! I publish my posts there the 15th of each month!! Here are a few pics!! If interested let me know I still have a couple left or I will take orders! I'll be back soon with more! Thanks so much for looking!!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Wow a New Blog!

                         Where do I begin??
I haven't blogged in so very long, well except my blog that I sell my fun little prim creations on but nothing in a long time and so I am starting out new and recreating a new space for myself! I hope I can keep up with this new venture and share my work and bits of life here on our little couple of acres of the world! Our year started out on a very sad note for hubby and I in losing our precious little sweet dog of 18 years old. It has been a really tough time for us but we are trying to move on and remember her when she was young and full of life and spunk! She was the best little dog ever! I know she is over the Rainbow Bridge and playing with her sweet buddy's that went before her and she is no longer in pain and having fun with them again!

so on that note......... I will be back to create more posts and share pics with you! For now this is a start!! I promise there is more to come!