Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day and yes A NEW POST FINALLY!!

        Happy Mother's Day to all and to my mom who checks in here too waiting to see new posts and most of all pics! So here's to you mom lots of pics!! Love ya!!

Ok I know its been a while again, and so sorry if there is anyone really following me, I really am still around and busy trying to get hubby back up to full snuff and also sewing, hooking (rug kind hehehe! seriously what were you thinking!) and gardening and all!

My baby sister is also here for a visit for a week and may be moving this way too in the future sometime too, if things go as she plans! So it's been a bit busy but fun too!

I've been sewing and posted new goodies on my Early Work Mercantile blog, also rug hooking (actually 2 rugs now silly me!!Now now I did just actually finish my sister's pillow soooo don't judge me!!!) I recently got to take a class with one of my fav designers, at the Amish Hook in Millersburg, OH, Maria Barton from Star Rug Company !! It was a blast and I will post pics of that rug and one I'm doing for my friend Connie Bradley from Wool Yankers! I also took a fab dye class with her yesterday!! Had so much fun and learned so much!! If you live here in northern OH check out her FB page she has new classes every month!! lots of fun! So now to post some fun pics of my garden in the works, sewing, hooking and even have a couple dye day pics! I will also show some of the fabulous rugs at the Amish Hook in Rug Show! wow someday I hope to get even 1/2 that good!! Yikes guess here has been a lot going on since my last post! so here you go oodles of pics!!!
One is of my youngest son and our granddog his fur baby! (I'm so sorry I missed getting one at the time with our granddaughter who we dearly love!!) Sorry No names of the fab women that hooked all the fabulous rugs! I was way too busy oohing and ahhing and taking lots of pics! trust me this is only a few!! Oh and my flowers in the garden are much bigger now as these were taken on the 4th! plus I have added more and cleaned up everything a lot too!! So more pics later on the what it looks like now!!
some of Maria's rugs up first!

 rug I'm working on from Maria's class and cover I made for my small frame from an old wool coat!

Pics from the Amish hook in show next up!

 the next 2 rugs are from my sweet talented friend Lauren from Rugs and Pugs her Ned and Magdelena rug

                                here are a couple dye day pics yesterday!!

some garden pics right after it rained! not sure why color a bit different!? all were taken the same day!

 last but certainly not least our youngest son and his baby!!!

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  1. So very many creative folks out there. Thanks for sharing! Janice