Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Where did February GO??

My goodness is it already March 1st!! I have now been officially retired 1 1/2 months!! Yikes and its still fun and like being on vacation every day!! Gotta LOVE that!! Right now I'm working on new goodies to share on
They will post on the 14th after 5:30 that nite!! I am also then leaving with my dear friend Connie on Fri the 17th, to do a craft show in Holly, MI on the 18th!! Looking forward to this and will see how that goes! It has been many years since doing my wholesale dollies and all that jazz wayyyyyy back when and I'm loving being able to focus on my prim creations again as well as some of my mixed media art as well!! I hope to see some of my friends at the show and you can look here and at their site for times and more info!!

I have a couple of pics of things I'm working on but not for sale!! I will have more pics of all my bunnies and such in the works for my update on Early Work Mercantile so come back to see those pics soon!! Hoping for the staining and baking to begin later this afternoon after hubby and I return from our shopping trip and Dr appt!! thanks for stopping!!!
A new dollie in progress! she needs bloomers and a few other touches!! She has on a one of a kind vintage baby dress I've had for some time and decided she looked fab in it!! So I can recreate the doll but not the dress!!
 A small strawberry made out of wool and stuffed very tightly with walnut shells
 this is the front of a small journal and the second pic is the back!! Lots and lots of layers!!


  1. Cute dollie and juicy strawberry. Bob and I have done the Holly show ever since Dawn started it. Look forward to meeting you there! Janice

    1. Thanks so much Janice! I'll be with Connie Bradley from Wool Yankers and looking forward to meeting you too! This will be my first time and hopefully not my last!! Will be bringing lots of my bunnies, dolls and even a few wild birds!!

  2. Your creations are so much fun!
    Hugs :)

    1. Thanks so much Lauren!! Hope you're feeling better dear and see you soon!! :))