Saturday, April 15, 2017

Wow it's Mid April, Easter and My update for Early Work Mercantile Blog

Well here we are, it's mid April and I'd like to wish you all a Happy Easter and it's looking like spring is really here now! I have gotten some lettuce planted and seeded some kale and dill (again!!) didn't do so well last year so here's hopes it will this year!! I also planted some new flowers and spent numerous hours already weeding!! my least favorite job but has to get done and my one armed hubby did try and helped some so that's a good thing!

I have posted a new dollie and 2 beehive pincushions on my Early Work Mercantile blog Please stop in and have a look!! I'm working on some more little busts that will be angels with some fun wings too but I will post them here and on my Facebook page! So hope you'll stop back to see them! I'll post a few pics here so you can see my Lizzie Lou dollie and my pincushions and a few other pics!

I'm so happy that finally after 3 years my gorgeous yellow magnolia is finally blooming! I was sure after the snow a couple of weeks ago and freezing temps it was a gonner but the buds survived and are opening now and look so pretty!

Well I'll be back soon with more pics and such! Oh and before I forget my sweet hubby is doing much better thankfully and able to walk better and his hand is improving!! I'm so thrilled!! I'll see you soon have a lovely weekend and Happy Easter all!
here's a few pics!
my lovely magnolia and my pincushions and dollie!!

 this is our big ole kitty! she loves to sit on the deck and nap like this!! shes our only one again :((
 Here's my very first completed rug hooking piece!! I did this for my sister it is now sewn into a pillow awaiting a big pillow form I'll be getting this coming week! working on a new one pics soon!

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